Many, many thanks to the individuals, who had taken the precious time and despite that some of you lost a dear friend or family... still wanted to help me out. This map if for you. Christina, Christine C, Evalena R, Gabi S, Gabi D, Gernot, Henrich G, Jenny L, Kerstin K, Kerstin T, Jens K N, Kathrine W, Marianne and Paul R, P.O Torkildsen, Karl-Heinz W. To all who I forgot to mention here... Please forgive me.

Also I would like to extend my gratitude to the following persons and organizations. To “Phoenix Rising”, whose pictures made the trick to get the map going.

To the authorities, companies and organizations and the personel there, who helped me without hesitation: Fritidsresor, Rådet för Stöd och Samordning (RSOS), Pårørendekontoret, Norske politiet, National University of Singapore and Helicam Asia.

A special thanks those who have been supporting throught donating or buying the printed map: M. Nicoulaz, M Hagman, J. Janshult, K. Schmidt Karlsson, V. Hellström, E. Ronström, K. Karlström, M. Hansen, B. Burefalk, B. Rosenqvist, Y. Larsson, K. Nykvist Rannaes, J. Jante, M. Sandén, B. Kjellström, B. Naroskyin, J. Nielsen, C. Spraggon, A. Bolle, K-H. Walter, A. Nilsson, R. Ripmark, M. Blombergh, G. Schmitz